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License #931621


How long have you been in business?
Paul Huegel the owner of Artistry Builders Inc has been managing construction jobs since graduating college with a construction management degree since 1996, Artistry Builders Inc was formed in April of 2009.

Where are you located?
The office is located in Orangevale, CA

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, licensed with California Contractors State License Board #931621 class B. Covered for $2 million in General Liabilities Insurance and all required bonding.

Do you give free estimates?
Yes, please call (916) 320-1101 to schedule meeting. Very flexible and ready to assist you complete your projects.

Can I see a list of your references?
An extensive list of Artistry Builders Inc. references is given at our first appointment along with other useful company and project information.

What percent of your business is repeat customers?
Artistry Builders Inc primary source of jobs is based on referral's and repeat customers. We are proud to say that our customers feel enough confidence in our work and business to call on us time and again.

How much will it cost?
Budgets are always a top concern of our customers. While we can't say right here what a renovation or custom home may cost, we will happily speak with you to discuss what a realistic budget would be for your particular project. Just contact us to find out.

Do we need a permit?
Artistry Builders Inc always follows all city and county regulations and requirements. We will obtain any permits that may be necessary for your particular project and handle all inspections.

How do we get started with the process?

• Prior to first meeting
    1. Jot down your ideas for your project.
    2. Determine your project budget, a budget you will be able to live with.
    3. Make a "wish list" of what you want and need. Rate them from most important to least. Picture of things you like from magazines or web sites can be helpful.
    4.Call Artistry Builders Inc for an appointment.

• Meeting for the first time
1. We will give you more specific information on your project type, let you review our portfolio of projects similar to yours and answer any questions you may have.
    2. We will then look at your project site and review your ideas and budget.
    3. We will discuss the budget and general cost issues of your project.
    4. We normally take digital photos and rough measurements in order to create preliminary estimate.

• Second meeting
    1. We will have your preliminary estimate and possible some rough sketches.
    2. We will discuss the design ideas, budget and design fee.
    3. The design process can then be started if you are ready, by signing a deign retainer.

• Our next meeting
    1. We will bring any design plans that we have done along with samples and color choices.
    2. We will discuss how your budget fits the design and potential adjustments, if necessary.
    3. Answer any questions or concerns you may have.

• Additional meeting and when you are ready for plans
    1. We will finalize the design and prepare contracts and specifications.
    2. Once the contract is signed and a deposit is received we will apply for permits, order materials, schedule subcontractors and begin preliminary work.
    3. Actual construction usually starts 4-6 weeks after the contract is signed.

Tips for remodeling clients
Here are a few things to keep in mind, depending on your remodeling project.
    1. If you are having a kitchen redone you will be without a kitchen for 3-6 weeks. It is usually best to set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home. We can help you set up a temporary kitchen so you have easy access to your refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot! 
    2. If you are having a bathroom redone you will need to remove all of your belongings from that bathroom and relocate them to another bathroom. Keep all of your daily toiletries and necessities so that they can be easily accessed. 
    3. Remember to keep all fragile items in a safe and secure place. Remove any pictures or other items that are on the walls or walls in adjacent rooms. Dust is a given, but we keep it at a minimum with tarps and plastic closures, along with regular cleaning. You may still want to cover your furniture or fine drapery in adjacent rooms. 
    4. For the safety of your family, friends and pets we ask that you keep them away from the remodeling site and be responsible for their safety at all times. For our sub-contractors safety we ask that while we are working in your home your pets be confined to a separate area.



Artistry Builders Inc                Phone: (916) 320-1101        Fax: (916) 989-2544

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